New model in my Shapeways store, grab one today!

An original character designed and modeled in Zbrush. Stands 2 inches tall. Use it as a game piece, add it to your action figure collection, turn it into jewelry, trap the soul of a demon inside, whatever you want. Get multiple colors and make an army!

Devil Girl toy concept. 4inch resin toy in 3 styles, solid color, double cast with skull and ribcage, and double cast with brains. It seems like all designer/ custom toys have skulls and/or brains incorporated so this is my tribute. I’m trying to put together a kickstarter to get this off the ground

Like my characters? Now you can own one!

Gum Men - nude, mecha and boss - designs for an eventual resin toy
Gum Man - character design for a resin toy
Big Mech - Zbrush WIP, dynamesh and polypainting